Chiefs of Santaluces: Guydeline Cidoine

Jessa Lopez, Staff Writer

“Running is a hobby of mine, but it is something I’m passionate about. I like it because I feel free when I’m running. It’s stress and worry free, and it’s the only time I can take out my anger and control my temper. During eighth grade, I was on my school’s track team and I ran the 400-meter race. I remember competing against different schools and I remember being really nervous at first. But in the end, I was like, “I did it!” I was very happy. I did think of joining the track team here especially during my sophomore year. I had gym at that time and my class was doing push-ups and afterwards we ran a mile outside. I remember Coach Leonard telling me that he’d wait for me for the track team. That was the happiest day ever. After hearing that, I took a chance and decided to get in the team, but I was a bit too late in turning in my paperwork. It was not regretful since I do prefer running by myself. I like to run without feeling any pressure or thinking about winning. It helps me focus on myself and nothing else. This year, I still want to join, but I’m focusing more on getting a job and letting myself get involved with different clubs that our school offers. So, I’m looking forward to that.”