Chiefs of Santaluces: Laura Clare


Randi Goldman, Staff Writer

“Over summer I started volunteering at the Morikami Museum with my friend from middle school. I decided to volunteer because my friend was volunteering there, and I like Japan. Also, they have 15 PokeStops and 2 Pokemon gyms. I volunteer in the library and my friend volunteers at the Yamato-kan, which is an exhibit where you can learn about Japanese culture. The library is really quiet and small, so it doesn’t get a lot of visits, so I can just sit there and go on computers, go on my phone, or do work for my online class. There are a lot of books, most of them are in English. Some of the books are written in Japanese, which is neat. One time a mom and her three kids came in and they were speaking Japanese, which I thought was cool because you don’t hear it very often. Later on, the dad walked in and he was an American guy and he pulls out a random Japanese book from a self. He told me that it was about some type of Japanese naked festival. Another time some guy walked in and asked me what college I went to and I told him I wasn’t in college. After that, he didn’t try to talk to me anyone.”