Chiefs of Santaluces: Donovan Ruddock


Randi Goldman, Staff Writer

“The part of the future that I’m most excited for is fall of 2017. There, I will no longer be a high school graduate, but a college freshman and a contributing member of society. All aspects of growing up are basically in the past. Everything is going to be different and i’m going to have more responsibilities. I plan on owning a home and working for someone. I may even create, own, and run my own business. I’m probably going to have to hustle to make enough money to get by and pay for school supplies, bills, and other important expenses, like most college students do. I understand that it’ll be difficult, but I know that in the midst of it, all the fun and excitement of being an adult, having more responsibility, and doing things to better my future will help me get by. I’m mostly looking forward to the end of high school. Essentially, it leads to the beginning of life. Without getting cheesy, it’s going to be epic and i’m ready for what lays ahead.”