Chiefs of Santaluces: Minh Thu Phan

Jessa Lopez, Staff Writer

“I’ve been here in Florida for about a month and a half. I came here with my mom and now we’re living together with my aunt and uncle. Compared to Florida, Vietnam is really different and the only similarity between them is this hot and humid weather. Vietnam is really crowded and has long, frustrating traffic jam on the road. There are many street vendors out in the small narrow streets and you can buy a lot of foods because all of them are very cheap! School is very different there, too. I had to take thirteen subjects every year in high school like math, biology, geography, and a lot of history: foreign and local. And I do miss Vietnam. My friends are there and my dog. I also had to sell my piano that my dad gave me as a gift before coming here and I hope I’ll get it back. But since I made great friends here, I can cope better with the homesick feeling. My friends helped me a lot and I appreciate it very much.”