Chiefs of Santaluces: Oscar Paz


Dulce Paz, Staff Writer

“My favorite part about football is the adrenaline that it gives me when I’m on the line. I also really love just playing with my friends and having fun because it’s such a competitive sport and I love to win. The feeling of winning beats anything and everything. Recovering from an injury is a pretty big challenge because it can either take a really long time or a short amount of time, and for any athlete, they want it to be a short amount of time. I’ve definitely thought about playing football in the future but there are other important things in life, like my academics. I would love to be a college football player but if thing’s don’t go that way then I’m going to be alright. Anyone who wants to play football should play with their friends and most importantly should have fun. It’s not for everyone so don’t get discouraged if you aren’t good at it.”