Chiefs of Santaluces: Mallory Colter

Viri Reyes, Staff Writer

“My passion is softball. I’ve been playing softball since I was probably like 6. I started playing softball because my mom played, and because of that I was kind of forced into it. At first, I had trouble playing and learning the rules but later on I started liking it. It made me a lot of friends and that was really fun because all my friends loved what I loved. When I came into high school I got accepted to the Varsity team my freshman and sophomore year. My parents would get mad at me sometimes because when I should’ve been practicing I wasn’t. I was lazy. I didn’t play my junior year just because I wanted a break. I’m a senior now and I want to end my high school experience playing softball. Maybe i’ll even get offered scholarships, that would be really cool. Hopefully we’ll have a great season this year.”