Chiefs of Santaluces: Samuel Olius


Whitney Thelusme, Staff Writer

“One day I went to go pick up my friends to go hoop at our community park. We played a 5 on 5 game full court, that game was crazy. It was the most intense game of basketball I’ve ever played. We played our hardest and I was breaking ankles, but we were still losing 2-6. I was still trying my best, but when I went up to dunk I landed wrong and twisted my ankle. I was down for like a good 2 minutes but I went back in the game because I didn’t want to lose. I was limping for most of the game but then out of nowhere when the ball was passed to me, I started running like I’ve never been hurt. I ran to ┬áthe hoop and finished off with a lay up. I ended the game 10-8.”