Chiefs of Santaluces: Janeth Marquez


Carla Hernandez, Staff Writer

“Well there was this one time in a competition where we didn’t win anything. Everyone was really bummed out and just disappointed. After getting our instruments packed we all got into our sections to talk about the performance. As we spoke I remember my friend saying he didn’t care what the judges thought, that our performance was great. He was right, they don’t know how hard we worked and you can’t judge someone if you don’t know their history. We got on the bus and continued to talk to our groups and said that this does not mean we suck, it just means we have to work harder. We proved this by winning third place in class and second for best music in the next one. I love playing with drumline, I’m a bass player and next year I’ll be a snare player. It’s just more fun being a part of the group than to sit and watch. They teach us to respect one another as a section and love playing with your peers. I joined band because I’ve always had the dream of being in drumline since I was four years old and I do plan on joining drumline at Palm Bach State College and becoming a music major.”