Chiefs of Santaluces: Joseph Carestio

Randi Goldman, Staff Writer

“I love christmas because it is a holiday where everyone loves each other and gets along. I like to think that we all come together to show how much we love each other and to celebrate the holiday with family and friends that are there for you. It reminds you that you’re not alone and that you’re loved. I like that you can give gifts to the people that you care about. I also like to think that the cost of the present doesn’t matter, but the thought does. I love how Christmas seems to bring smiles to people’s face, I think that’s that whole point of the holiday. I love to show people that they matter because it feels good to make other people happy. I really don’t mind not getting gifts in return because in my opinion it shows that you can do good things without wanting anything in return. I love making people happy and making people smile, ultimately that’s better than getting material objects.”