COS: Ashley Glykas

Savannah Devericks, Staff Writer

“My favorite memory would be when my sister, dad, and I went to miniature golf for the first time in Brooklyn. My sister and I were arguing about who got to go first. So I go and grab my club to take my turn. Meanwhile my dad kept warning us about being to close to each other when swinging, but of course I did not listen so I go up to take my turn and be Tiger Woods. I swing really hard and all I hear is a loud thud. I turn around and all I see is my sister falling over like a tree because I not knowingly hit her in the forehead with the golf club and all I see is my dad running over as I laugh my butt off and she was bleeding all over. To this day she still has the same scar and indent on her forehead that I permanently and proudly stamped her with as my five year old self felt the ultimate honor of sister payback.”