COS: Valery Joseph

Jessa Lopez, Staff Writer

“I remember going to the FAU field trip last year with my friends and other kids from our school. I went there to learn about their medical field because I want to be a pediatrician. They gave us advice regarding the courses we will take and how long will it take for a medical student to actually finish and graduate. Also, how much money we will be making as pediatricians. Then, I went to see the dorms which were really big. One room has two bathrooms and two beds. The food was really good there too. It was a great trip because my friends were there and the people were really nice and welcoming. I plan on going to FAU after high school. It is not by choice. I want to go to UCF, but since FAU is closer to home, my parents suggested I should. Still, I’m excited to go there. I think it’ll be fun.”