Chiefs of Santaluces: Micaela Coastles


Micaela Saravia, Staff Writer

Micaela Coastles has recently entered her senior year here at Santaluces. Apart from the stress that comes with preparing to graduate and applying for colleges, she is also the president of Education Rocks. Which is a club designated to help children in developing countries be able to attend to school with the aid of students who spend all year fundraising money for them, while also creating a personal connection by exchanging letters. While leading that club she is also involved in other clubs such as; Key Club and National Honor Society. Additionally she has been involved in AVID for four years now in which continues to help first generation students prepare for college while staying on track in school and durring application processes for financial aid. Micaela is very involved in her extracucilar activities, she is also planning on playing soccer for her second time in her high school career. Although she may have her hands full now it will all be worth it once she graduates and attends her dream school, Florida State University or Tallahassee Community College.