Chiefs of Santaluces: Louidjy Hyppolite


Araceli Velasquez

Louidjy Hyppolite

Araceli Velasquez, Staff Writer

Santaluces Louidjy Hyppolite entered the “Summer Hunger Ends Here” campaign his junior year and won first place. Hyppolite’s pencil and charcoal drawing of himself and his little sister is featured on the organization trailer. Hyppolite is now in his Senior year, he is a outstanding artist who is in the art program.

How long have you been a artist?

“I drew a lot when I was younger, but started to take it seriously when I got to high school.”

Beyond the Fancifulness art piece by Louidjy Hyppolite

Which art piece of your own is your favorite? Why?

“Beyond the Fancifulness is one of my proudest works, not because its the greatest I’ve done or the most time consuming , but because I drew it from my very own emotions.”

What is your greatest accomplishment as an artist?

“As a artist my greatest accomplishment is winning first place in the “Feeding South Florida” art competition.”

What do you see yourself after high school?

“After high school I see myself as an art student in a really great art school. I will be pursuing an art degree in illusion or studio art.”

What is your favorite thing about Santaluces?

” At Santaluces I really love the Art program. I’m in my own realm; I get to figure out my next art work in a creative environment.”

Any advice for up coming artist?

” My advice to anyone wanting to be a artist is to believe in yourself, even when others don’t see your potential. Only you have the power to control your future. You know your limits; if you know what you really want doesn’t come easy, fight through the negativity.”

If you’d like to see any more of Louidjy’s art you can follow his Instagram:  louidjy art