Chief of Santaluces: Crecia Lumas

Chief of Santaluces: Crecia Lumas

Araceli Velasquez, Staff Writer

Crecia Lumas is a senior here at Santaluces. She is very involved in school. She has been in Student Government for two years, she is the president of FFEA, and has been partaking in the Early Childhood Academy.

When it comes to college Lumas has been accepted to the University of  Central Florida (UCF) which is the college she will be attending. She already has in mind what she would like to study at UCF.

” I don’t think I’ll study early childhood but I want to work in family related law which deals with marriage, divorce and custody battles.”

Within the academy there are many things that can be very hands on and rewarding which is Lumas favorite attribute about being in Early Childhood Academy.

“I love that the academy is very hands on. We get to work with the little Chiefs; we teach them every week. Teaching the kids and knowing that you play a role in their education is a great feeling.”

For those Chiefs who want to work with children or learn how to teach, then the Early Childhood Academy is for you. Lumas speaks highly of it.

“When it comes to the academy I would say go for it, its worth it. You get to learn so much from teaching.”