New TV Shows “Fall” Back into Season


FOX website

FOX’s “The Mindy Project” is one of the many returning television shows this season.

While the sweet scent of autumn fills the air, the sweeter sound of the new fall TV season fills the airwaves. Throughout the week, FOX premiered it’s new shows along with the return of its old shows.

First on Monday night, was “Sleepy Hollow,” which I admittedly judged beforehand based on the commercials. I thought it’d be ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” meets wannabe NBC’s “Hannibal”, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was suspenseful, entertaining, and it definitely made my Monday night better- which is nearly impossible. It started with a flashback of a soldier, Ichabod Crane, slicing the head off his enemy. Then he miraculously wakes up in the town Sleepy-Hollow, with the headless horseman in the town too. Ichabod then forms a partnership with a local officer named Abbie, who encountered the headless fiend, and they both go out to solve the mystery of the horsemen. Oooh.

Tuesday night brought “Dads,” a new show with Seth Green about the relationships between sons and their fathers. It was the pilot episode, so everything seemed a bit shaky and unsure of itself and it’s jokes. But I’m not completely ruling the show off yet, it has promise.

Next was the Andy Samberg powered “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” It was  about an immature but talented detective, a tough new boss, and supporting characters who you wish had more screen time. Without the awkwardness that was visible in “Dads,” it was entertaining. That could be because Andy Samberg is just comically gifted, and with the writers behind “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” he can showcase that perfectly. Plus the entire cast is equally great and can actually keep up with him without just fading into statues in the background.

Now to the veteran shows.

“New Girl,” with “adork-able” Zooey Deschanel, returned last night, and I watched it while squealing from how ridiculously cute Nick and Jess were. After two seasons of coy, will-they-or-wont-they scenarios, Nick and Jess (Zooey Deschanel and Jack Johnson) finally got together. In this episode, they set out on their first romantic adventure, which evidently turned into a misadventure involving Mexican police officers and a hotel jail. In the subplot, Schmidt (Max Greenfield) deals with choosing between two women, and Winston discovers he’s color blind and terrible at puzzles.

The “Mindy Project” was my favorite that night. Mindy Kaling is just ridiculously hilarious. No, everyone on that show is ridiculously hilarious and it isn’t fair to any other show or any human being on the planet who intends not to burst their lungs from excessive laughter. Mindy’s in Haiti with her Pastor-boyfriend while back in New York the practice is welcoming James Franco as Mindy’s replacement. Mindy’s boyfriend then proposes to her on a tree. She accepts, but suddenly faints and awakens back in New York.

Next week welcomes the return of “The Voice,”  “Glee,”  “Modern Family,”  “The Middle,”  and the new shows  “The Goldbergs” and “Marvel Agents of Shield,” and others.