American Horror Theories

The hat is a clear hint for what season 5 will be about.

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The hat is a clear hint for what season 5 will be about.

Ilisha Strassler, Staff Writer

American Horror Story: Freakshow has recently ended, which means the topic for season 5 is now a huge mystery. The creator and writer of the show, Ryan Murphy, has allegedly put hints in the series on what the next season will focus on.

Theory #1: Fairy Tales/Alice in Wonderland: At one point in the season, a police officer handed Jimmy Darling (Evan Peters) a cup with a hat on it, something similar to the mad hatter. Throughout the season, people had been getting their heads cut off, something the Red Queen would approve of. Also, the seasons antagonist, Dandy Mott, had a thing for children toys and even played a game of croquet, which is a parallel to Alice in Wonderland.

Theory#2: Abductions/Aliens: There have been a lot of links to the second season of the anthropology series, Asylum. Could this mean that we’re going to learn more about the little green men in the sky? There were multiple times siamese twins Bette and Dot were taken, it could be a hint to the next season.

Theory #3: Operation Top Hat: According to Huffington Post, this has to do with government conspiracies which could involve aliens, corruption and a whole lot of drama. The top hat has been everywhere: on the menu at the diner and on other cups.

Theory #4: Woods: In the beginning of the episode there were a lot of scenes in the woods. I’m thinking an abandoned cabin, lost in the woods, escaping killer scenario. But, I mean who WOOD know? (Maybe my puns should be featured as a horror story.)

Theory #5: Haunted Hotel: Another one of the antagonists, Stanley, spent multiple times in a hotel. It’d be amazing to see creepy bellhops, trapped hotel guests, some dead, some alive. A murderous hotel owner? The possibilities are endless.

The only thing that is actually for sure is that we’re not going to know what season 5 is until October 2015 and that’s a true horror story.