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What Is the Best TV Show?

Liliana Stollberg
A couple of streaming platforms and TV shows

People of all ages and places love to watch television. It is a great source of entertainment, and what better way to unwind after a long day than by watching your favorite show? But what is the best show to watch? This is the question I set out to answer.

I asked students here at Santaluces High School what they thought the best TV show was and received a variety of answers. A common response was the drama series Breaking Bad. Both Evelyn Portillo and Micheal Silva said that the main character, Walter White, is very funny.  Victor San Luis said that he enjoys the show Money Heist because “it has a really good plot.” The best TV show according to Amy Soria Galvarro is Alexa and Katie. She said, “It’s a very touching story, and the characters are funny.”  Angelina Prieto claims that Gilmore Girls is the best TV show because “the characters are fun and it has the perfect fall vibes.”

My personal favorite TV show is New Girl. New Girl is a hilarious sitcom about a woman, Jessica Day, who moves into an apartment with three men. The character development is exciting and the anticipation of waiting for the couples to get together keeps you engaged. It’s so good that I’m currently watching it for the fourth time!

I wanted to see if the older generations would have different opinions, so I asked Santaluces teachers for their input. Mr. Gray said that his favorite show is Peaky Blinders because “the plot was so well written and convoluted and the show always kept you guessing”. Mrs. Renzette’s pick for the best TV show was Antique Roadshows. She said she knows it may not be a very popular choice, but she loves it for its humor and interesting items.  

Overall, in the feedback I received Breaking Bad got the most votes as the best TV show. However, I think it all depends on what your interests are.

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Liliana Stollberg
Liliana Stollberg, Staff Writer
Hi! I'm Liliana, but people call me Lily. I'm a Sophomore and this is my first year working with The Tribe. I have a minor obsession with dying my hair and like to change the color often. I like to read, watch movies, and hang out with my friends. This is my second year in the Culinary Arts program and I love to bake.

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