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The Top 3 Scary Movies to Watch this Spooky Season

Jalisha Rowen
Jalisha Rowen being scary like in the movies.

Heya, we are back at it again with a scary movie article during the spooky season! Today De’juh and I are going to give y’all some more scary movies that we think y’all will like. However, this week is a little different, only having three movies instead of nine. But don’t get discouraged, these movies are the bomb dot com. So be sure to grab your popcorn and candy corn, because you might want to binge some of the classics this upcoming fall.

Here is a list and description of the top three scary movies to watch for this upcoming spooky season:

3. The Black Phone

In the suburbs of Denver, Colorado, citizens are being terrorized by a serial killer/kidnapper. They’ve never seen him nor have they been close to catching him. However, they describe him as crazy and sadistic, snatching up children from their everyday lives without a single hint of remorse. They call him, “The Grabber”.

One afternoon after school, a young boy named Finney Shaw was walking home when he saw a caucasian male, maybe in his mid-twenties to early thirties, struggling with groceries. While Finney was going to ignore him, he turned back and helped the man. Then in a sudden movement, the man grabbed Finney, dragged him into the van, and then everything went black. Once Finney wakes up, he realizes that he’s in a soundproof, old basement with a single dirty mattress and a broken black payphone, and then he walks in: “The Grabber.” He explains the situation to Finney, to which Finney is panicky.

Throughout the movie Finney goes day by day with “The Grabber” coming in to taunt him and just when it seems like all hope is lost for Finney to escape, something magical happens. That broken black payphone on the wall that was claimed to be “broken,” works. But in a different way. Finney can talk to past children who have been abducted and killed. 

This movie is amazing and one of the few good horror movies that have come out. “Will the black payphone help Finney escape?” “Does Finney die?” Tune into “The Black Phone” movie to find out. “The Grabber” can be your next-door neighbor or even your best friend, nobody knows what he looks like or when he’s going to strike. Be careful the next time you think about buying your favorite sugary, delicious treat, “The Grabber” may be watching you.

2. Saw

Imagine waking up with one of your legs shackled to something in the dark, you don’t know where you’re at or what to do until suddenly you hear a random man who is just as confused as you trying to talk to you. Just then the lights turn on, beaming, and when your eyes adjust you look around. When looking around you see that you’re stuck in a dirty, old, rusted bathroom with a random stranger across the room and a dead male body in the middle of the bathroom with a recorder and a revolver. That is the situation that unfortunately happened to Dr. Lawrence Goodman, an oncologist, and Adam Faulkner-Stanheight, a photographer.

Saw is one of the highest-grossing American horror franchises that started as a low-budget movie in a dirty bathroom. All of the victims in the movie are chosen by the serial killer, “Jigsaw.” ( Whose name was given to him by the press and not by choice.) Jigsaw chooses people who he feels do not appreciate life, have tried to end their life and take their life for advantage. In his game, that’s what he refers to them as, he puts his victims to a test to see how much of a will to live they have. He does this by creating creative torture devices that always somehow fit a situation that the victims have been in which challenge them mentally and physically.

In the movie, the two men are working together to try to get out; however, as they are talking to each other they figure out how they got here, who they are, and who could have done this. However, while they are finding out all this information, they find out that they know each other more than they thought.

Saw is a phenomenal movie with so many plot twists that make you crave for more. I would definitely recommend watching this movie if you have a chance or maybe all of them.

1. US

“US” is a 2019 psychological horror film directed by Jordan Peele, who has produced other films such as “Get Out” and “Nope.” The film “US” features your average black family: Adelaide Wilson, Gabe Wilson, Jason Wilson, and Zora Wilson. In 1998 Adelaide, a young black girl, walked away from her parents on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and entered an abandoned house of mirrors. While Adelaide is in this mirrored house, she sees a ton of her never-ending reflection until one of her reflections appears to not be like the others. Adelaide sees another little girl who looks exactly like her but more dead and dark and isn’t copying her moves. The other little girl approaches the mirror and so does Adelaide until the other little girl grabs her.

Meanwhile, Adelaide’s parents were trying to find her by searching everywhere in the event until they eventually found her. But Adelaide seemed to be different. She stops talking and interacting with everything and everyone around her. But the worst thing of all, is that she can’t do ballet like she could do before. It seems that the mirrored house may have caused a more traumatic experience than we may know.

Years go by and Adelaide is older now with a family called the Wilsons and everything is going amazing until one night. A random family of four is standing outside of the house and breaks in, cutting off the power. When the Wilsons gather in the living room after trying to hide everywhere they could, the lights turn back on and the family sees something terrifying. It’s them standing across from each other. All four members of this weird family are the exact replicas of them but more strange.

Imagine seeing another version of your family, doppelgangers, but they appear more swift and unsettling, they only use noises to communicate with each other. The doppelgangers are named Pluto, Umbrae, Abraham, and Red. Red is the leader and she calls themselves, “The Tethered.” Red is the only one who can speak clearly but her voice sounds as if she is on the brink of death. It seems that all of Santa Cruz has been taken over by “The Tethered,” even news broadcasters are being killed by this petrifying group of doppelgangers with scissors.

Be careful, there’s nowhere to hide and to drive, “The Tethered” think like you, they will always know your next move before the thought can even form. Think twice before letting sleep consume you or having a beach day, for “The Tethered” are always watching you.

These are our top three horror movies that we think you should watch this spooky season. We hope you enjoy them and let us know what you think of them. Anyway, have an amazing fall.

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