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Top Ten Songs to Chill to

Damion Nosistel
Screenshot from Spotify of the 10 listed songs to Chill to.

 There are many genres that people may use to just chill out after a long day, but my personal favorite is R&B.


Nobody But You – Sonder, Jorja Smith

I chose this song because it was one of my favorite songs and just lets out a chill vibe. The song’s lyrics express the journey of love, having vulnerable moments, and self-discovery. Although it does talk about love, it is not a heartbreak song. He expresses his feelings on how he only wants one girl out of all the people in the world.


Clouded – Brent Faiyaz

I love Clouded because it talks about how your actions can cloud your judgment. He expresses his feelings about him wanting to be remembered when he dies. It is a calm song that after a long stressful day will be able to give you a chance to calm down, and maybe give you something to think about.


Sacrifices – Drramville, EARTHGANG, J. Cole, Smino, Saba

This song’s lyrics talk about the sacrifices that each of the artists have made in their lives, the good and the bad. It also expresses the feelings of wanting to be everything to their family and loved ones. This is a song that will be able to help people chill out due to its relatability.


Kevin’s Heart – J. Cole

Kevin’s Heart speaks about the temptations in life and the struggles that come with it. It talks about having to resist temptation from other women while in a relationship, which is something many young men struggle with. Its ability to connect with the minds of many artists is the reason why it is number 4 on this list.


And This is Just The Intro – Tory Lanez

In this song, Tory Lanez expressed his feelings about how he was putting a lot of effort into a failed relationship. He says the lyrics, “I made you worth it for somebody else” which shows that after all her problems he fixed, she went to someone else.


Pink + White – Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean talks about how all his experiences in life have shaped the man he is today. He talks about the highs and the achievements he’s made but also his low points in life. This song is a good way to chill out and reflect on things that have happened in your past.


No One Knows – Brent Fiyaz

This song expresses a failed relationship and how he feels his partner doesn’t love him for who he truly is. Although he feels that way, he believes he should put his whole heart into them. This song is a nice slow song with a more upbeat pace towards the middle. This will have you calm one minute and feel the beat the next.


Superpowers – Daniel Ceaser

Superpowers talk about the unique traits and individuality of everyone. It talks about how everyone has something that makes them a special person. This song can uplift you and open your mind to the fact that everyone has a purpose.



This song talks about a failing relationship and how one person is putting everything into it, while the other is losing feelings. It expresses how the relationship had many special memories tied into it.


Pretty Little Fears – 6LACK, J. Cole

Pretty Little Fears talks about the struggles of opening up in a relationship with one’s partner. It also speaks about the many obstacles love can bring forward. This song is good for this list because of its smooth tempo and even better lyrics that will cool your nerves.

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Damion Nosistel
Damion Nosistel, Staff Writer
Hey, my name is Damion I am a Freshman at Santaluces. I love playing sports especially football or any activity that involves being outside. I am excited to work in the sports section and participate in all the tasks that come with it.

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