Should Kids Wear Designer Clothes?


Faith Beaubrun , Fashion Editor

It’s safe to say kids today grow up with more luxuries than generations of the past. Today kids as young as one year old are wearing Gucci, Balmain, and Louis Vuitton to day care and the playground. This practice is the norm among the rich and famous, but even some middle class parents make it their duty to put their kids in the priciest shoes and clothes.

Blue Ivy Carter seen here sporting a custom off the runway design by Gucci ($2,100) at the premier of Beauty and the Beast with her mom Beyonce is pretty predictable, but the market has expanded.

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West have ventured into the world of kids’ clothing with their line “Kids Supply.” With the most affordable piece being a $10 pair of socks, the line ranges up to a $250 jacket. The line is marketed to be avaliable to anyone willing to pay, and it shows with some of the most expensive shoes selling out within hours of release.


Students here have the same overall outlook the topic.

Ashely Trevino, a senior, states, “instead of spending money on designer clothes that the child will grow out of quickly, that money should be put towards saving for their future.”

Senior Keshia Dorelin says, “you’re just wasting money on something they can’t wear when they’re older…little kids should have some style, but not grown up outfits.”



When it comes to children’s clothes, it depends on the parents to make the decision on the clothes their kids wear. If you have the money to buy designer clothes for a toddler and not break the bank then go ahead, but if you have to choose between a $350 jacket or paying your rent then you should stay clear of the designer trends.What’s important is to remember that kids should be kids regardless of the price of their clothes.