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The Evolution of My Makeup Business


Launching a makeup business has always been a dream of mine.

My dream became a reality during COVID-19 when lockdowns had basically confined me to my home. With so much time on my hands, I decided that I’d use it to pursue my dream. Since I’d always admired the look of eyebrow shaping, I wanted to try it out myself, so I started practicing with that.

I first started learning how I could adjust my eyebrows to my liking and find the perfect shade of concealer for my skin. With a lot of effort, I got better and better at it and started doing my eyebrows myself. After I was pleased with how my brows would turn out, I looked elsewhere to improve my brow shaping. Eventually, I wasn’t only doing my own brows but also doing my mom’s and aunt’s brows. They’d let me do their eyebrows whenever they’d go out for an event, and with each brow, I got better. My mom and aunt were both my number-one supporters then and are still my number-one supporters now.

After a while, I started applying full-face makeup on my auntie. I wasn’t really that good at first. But I got better over time. People started wondering where they would get their makeup done since they would always look good whenever they went out. That’s when I started getting recognized for my work. Around January 2023, my mom and friends encouraged me to launch a business page on Instagram. My mom helped start this business by buying all the supplies and telling her friends about my business so they could support me.

All of my mother’s friends came to me, whether they needed their makeup done with eyebrows or for me to put lash strips for them. I started practicing more with my friends and my mom. I mostly did soft natural glams because I’d mainly practiced on myself and didn’t like a lot of makeup on my face. Due to how natural it looked, most of the time, my friends wouldn’t even realize that I had makeup on. I made my first post on my makeup page on January 6, 2023, which was the start of my makeup business.

After all that, I wondered if I only enjoyed doing eyebrows and ultimately decided I also wanted to start doing lashes. I usually wear eyelash strips and liked how they looked, so I bought the starter kit for them and started practicing. The learning process was hard, but the effort is what counts because I eventually figured it out.

One thing that I am thankful for is my supportive friends and family. They reposted my posts and encouraged me constantly. I don’t think I would have made it this far without them. I am 7 months in and couldn’t be more proud of myself.

For those who are thinking about starting a business, whatever business it may be, don’t be discouraged. Make sure to strive for what you want. Being nervous or reluctant is expected, but don’t let that stop you from  going for what you want.

Some of the looks I have done since I started this journey are shown below:


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Daina Desty
Daina Desty, Staff Writer
I'm Daina Desty, my friends call me DD. I'm finally a Senior yay! I'm hardworking, dedicated to achieving my goals, and keeping up with my grades. I'm 5'8 and love doing makeup and dressing up and in my opinion, self-care is the best care. Things that involve cosmetology and fashion excite me. I also have a small business where I do makeup and lashes (@ddcosmestics._) Go support!!

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