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Volunteer Opportunities For Students

A picture of the Santaluces Community High School Service Timesheet.

Many students struggle to reach the volunteer hour requirement as the end of high school quickly approaches for them. Community service is required whether you need 20 hours to graduate, 30 hours to obtain Bright Futures, or 100 hours to get the Florida Academic Scholars scholarship. Some college scholarships even require 200+ hours of community service hours, but how can a teenager with other responsibilities earn that many hours? The key is finding a convenient place where you enjoy volunteering.

Volunteering will be easier and more enjoyable if you volunteer based on your interests. For example, if you enjoy spending time with kids or hope to get a future job in a field with children, an awesome choice is to be a Counselor In Training at summer camp. This works out perfectly for lots of students who have free time over the summer and want to stay busy. If you’re interested in helping kids but you have busy summers, volunteering at church is also a great option. Luz Angel, a sophomore at Santaluces High School, said she gets most of her community service hours at church. Luz said, “I’m a teacher’s assistant. I help out the teachers and kids when they need me. In my opinion, it’s really fun if you like kids, and I would definitely recommend it.”

Another great way to find places to volunteer is by getting involved in school clubs. The Best Buddies club, run by Mrs. Mangone, also offers lots of community service hours. Currently, they’re preparing for a walk with the Gold Coast Down Syndrome organization on October 22nd. Mrs. Mangone said that the event is 10 dollars per person to register with the organization and to make sure to stop by her room if you are interested so she can give you a code for a discounted price. She also said, “If you sign up, you get a T-shirt, free breakfast, five community service hours, and to enjoy all the activities at the walk.” If you’re interested in more hours, you can contact the Gold Coast Down Syndrome organization and ask about putting in extra time setting up and helping out at the walk. Apart from the walk, the Best Buddies club also offers different monthly activities you can participate in for volunteer hours. Other clubs like Key Club, the Student Government Association (SGA), and the Science National Honor Society also provide volunteer opportunities for their members.

For anyone in an academy course, be sure to check in with your teacher for any available volunteer hours. The Early Childhood Academy, where you are given the opportunity to teach, interact with preschoolers, and learn what it takes to be a preschool teacher, allows you to come to help out during lunch to help clean up or even just to sit with the preschoolers to eat. The Culinary Arts Academy, where you are taught to make delicious meals and how to work in the food industry, offers volunteer hours to help out during special events. Many other academy teachers offer volunteer opportunities, so just reach out and ask.

Overall, the best thing to do if you are looking for ways to volunteer is to talk to your guidance counselor. They will have plenty of ideas and opportunities that suit your classes and hobbies. It’s also important to stop by student services and get an hour sheet that you will need to fill out and hand in at guidance.

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