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The Dangers of Substance Abuse

Damion Nosistel
Picture of a CVS pharmacy pill bottle sitting on a counter.

Although many doctors give certain drugs to help with certain pains and discomforts, some people can take advantage of its effects. People may start to take more than what is medicated and end up becoming addicted. But not all addictions are caused by medicated pills, it also comes from alcohol and major drugs like marijuana, tobacco, and cocaine.

How does it start?

It can start in many different ways. The main way it starts in teens is from peer pressure and being in an environment surrounded with drugs. If they decide to stay in that certain environment, they will most likely continue to use more and the addiction will start to increase. In other cases, a doctor may prescribe pills to relieve the pain. If the pills begin to not work as much, they start to take more than the recommended amount and will continue to want more. Even after the pain is gone, they still may use it just for the fun of it. The same thing can happen with alcohol. People can get intoxicated and like the feeling of it while not realizing the effects it can have on you. They will continue to drink until the point where it becomes an everyday thing.

How to get rid of the addiction?

Although you may enjoy it, quitting is the most beneficial decision for you in the long run. The first way is to change your environment. Usually, it can be your friends or even your family that is the root of the problem. So if you separate yourself you have a better chance at not using it again. The second step is to distract yourself. You can find a hobby that you like, join a sport, and even just read throughout the day. This will give you something else to do throughout your day to keep your mind off of it. The last and best step is to find a support group. Many other people have similar experiences and can help you on your journey to a substance-free life.

Substance abuse is very dangerous and can hurt you and those around you. It not only affects the way you act but also the way you feel and your health. If you or somebody you know is using substances dangerously please call this hotline:(888) 611-2756. There is 24/7 service to aid you in obtaining a substance-free life.

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Damion Nosistel
Damion Nosistel, Staff Writer
Hey, my name is Damion I am a Freshman at Santaluces. I love playing sports especially football or any activity that involves being outside. I am excited to work in the sports section and participate in all the tasks that come with it.

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