AP BBQ with a Twist


Dena Fleuridor

AP and AICE students enjoyed lunch in the Tomahawk Cafe.

Although many anticipated this year’s AP barbecue to be less exciting because it was indoors, it turned out to be lively and entertaining nonetheless. The students filed into the Tomahawk Cafe for the food, which consisted of burgers, hotdogs, chips, cookies, and various other snacks, while a slideshow of pictures played on the projector.

“I preferred it inside, it was nice and cool,” said Junior Rachel Morgan.

The food rations this year were more than enough, and the lines were orderly and organized, as teachers, and even Dr. Weigel, who served foot along with AP and AICE Teachers. After lunch, the festivities began in the gym.

To make up for the lack of outdoor fun, students played different games and activities in the gym, including jump rope, limbo, musical chairs, and basketball. There was a DJ playing music for everyone to dance along to. In the opposite corner there were water tattoos and prize activities like “Lord of the Rings,” where you had to dig your hand in a bucket of murky water and aim to find the “prize.”

Overall, despite the new changes, most who attended the Barbecue this year said it was successful.