Freshmen Called for a Pow Wow on Success


As any administrator will say, freshman year is the most important year. What happens in students’ freshman year will affect them for the rest of their high school career.

On Wednesday, all freshmen were called to the auditorium for a meeting. Mr. Montoya clarified that bullying is unacceptable and not allowed at this school.

The freshmen were also given green sheets called “Data Chats.” These sheets explain their rank in the class and show their diagnostic scores. Students must get them signed by all of their teachers by next Tuesday in order to receive an “edible treat.”

“You will be struggling to get your GPA past a 2.0,” Mrs. Fontaine said. “Work hard and don’t forget to get those Data Chats signed.”

The freshmen must be focused and ready for the last three weeks of the semester in order to stay on track. Semester finals determine if they pass or fail.

“Start preparing for the final exams,” said Mr. Montoya and Mrs. Fontaine. “It is a big part of your grade.”