Leaving So Soon

Saying goodbye is never an easy thing to say, and for some, it’s one of the most difficult things to do.

In the beginning of the school year, we were greeted with having a new Psychology teacher. Now, in the middle of the school year, Mrs. Loftus  is leaving. Her time in Santaluces was cut short when she received a job offer in a middle school in Tampa.

“Over a Skype interview I received the position as a science teacher,” said Ms. Loftus. “I absolutely loved working here and I’m going to miss it a lot, especially my kids. I’m going to miss the connections that I had with them but I’m planning to keep in touch with all of them.”  

When the news came to be known, students were shocked – they couldn’t believe what their ears were hearing. They were disappointed that they couldn’t finish off the year with their teacher.

“Once I found out that Ms. Loftus was leaving I was devastated,” said senior Marcos Ipes. “This was very sporadic and very sudden; I wasn’t expecting this. Now that she is leaving, I think that my senioritis is going to start kicking in, because she motivated me to reach my full potential.”

Loftus makes her leave for Tampa on Friday during seventh hour. She plans to keep in contact with her old students via Skype.