The U.S and Mexico Border Crisis


Los Angeles Times

A photo of a group of refugees.

Recently, Haiti has been in a crisis because of natural disasters.

Many people are in need of help and there are people willing to help. However, it is hard to get resources for the people in need and find the people that need help. Haiti’s president was also assassinated on July 7th, 2021.

This has caused many people in Haiti to leave their country and home.

Many Haitians have made the far journey and are seeking help at Mexico’s border with the U.S. They have counted more than 14,000 people at the Del Río bridge. Many are hoping to cross over and find a job so they can survive.

Many women and children are in horrible conditions. It’s very hot and there’s hardly any food. The local mayor of Del Río, Texas is asking president Biden for resources so that they can help.

The Biden Administration announced that Haitians will have temporary protected status. This means that temporarily, Haitians can work in the U.S. legally. Some are being released to Texas while others are being deported on flights.

According to, families are being separated. A grandmother was separated from her grandchildren. Her grandchildren were released, not knowing where their grandmother was. This is a very serious problem because children are being left on their own.

We have seen this before with the Cuban Crisis. In 1959, Fidel Castro, Cuba’s leader, aligned with the Soviet Union. Many Cubans fled, seeking refuge in the U.S. Many got to Miami, Florida, and were under hard conditions just like the People at the Texas border.