Students’ Survival Guide To Exams


With exams creeping closer on the calendars, students cannot help but stress out. The pressure of passing these tests is continually building, and the pressure only gets worse until test day. However, there are some things to keep in mind while preparing for AICE/AP exams, EOCs, and finals.

1. Relax.

Freaking out about whether or not you’re going to pass is not the proper way to prepare for big tests. Take a second to breathe. Instead of straining yourself, calm down and be optimistic. You will be much more likely to pass if you go into the test with a positive attitude and a mind at ease.


2. Invest your time and energy wisely. 

This entire school year has been a constant absorbing of information and knowledge. You’ve taken an endless amount of quizzes, underwent homework assignment after homework assignment, and completed a handful of projects. You may not realize, but all of this is only going to aid you for the test. Many people believe that they haven’t learned anything – anything useful, at least – that will cause them to pass an exam. However, this entire year served as basically a study guide for tests. All the notes, the tests that were handed back, and worksheets, are an organized way to study and review all the information you’ve learned this year. And although studying isn’t the most enjoyable activity to do, it will be worth it. If you pass that exam, all of the work and effort you put into this school year will pay off, in one way or another (and if it’s an AP or AICE class then that will save you money in future classes!).


3. Form a study group.

If the fact that you find studying dreadful is keeping you from preparing for the big test, then form a study group. It will make the experience a little less boring. Keep in mind that you are trying to study, so be sure that you are surrounding yourself with people who are also hoping to pass. If not, you might just end up hanging out with friends, and that is probably not going to help you remember how the Mongols affected the Silk Road.


4. Reward yourself.

If you are feeling as though your hard work is going unnoticed, then be sure to reward yourself. This will help to keep yourself motivated, where you would otherwise feel defeated. After studying, do something that you want to do. Go out to the movies, go to the pool, the beach, go hang out with some friends, anything that will eliminate some of the built up stress.


It’s inevitable that test-taking season is going to cause a few migraines, but instead of giving up, follow some of these simple steps to ensure that you will do great on your tests.