Chiefs Baseball On The Rise


Jordan Cruz, Staff Writer/Staff Author/Staff Ventriloquist

Our Chiefs baseball team has currently been crushing the competition in the county, with an astonishing record of 20-2. The first loss was against their rival Park Vista and was by a mere run, but the Chiefs were later able to defeat them 4-2 making it the first time our baseball team beat theirs in 8 years. The second loss was against Dwyer in the championship game of the Santaluces Slam Tournament.

This is huge news for our team, but even bigger for the triumphant Coach Franco who continues to lead this team to success. The last time Franco had a 20 win season was 14 years ago in 2004. His ability to mold this team into the competitive force it is now awarded him coach of the year.

For 2 weeks in a row now, the Chiefs have been able to maintain 3rd best in the entire state for 9A. Also, for 2 weeks in a row now they have remained 15th best in the state after previously not being ranked. Currently, they are predicted to represent all of West Palm Beach in the regional final.

Our Chiefs are doing great and are destined to continue on this path and bring Santaluces on the map for baseball. They need the support of the student body here at Santaluces so you can come out this Thursday, April 26 as they take on Forest Hill for senior night starting at 6:30. Come watch the Chiefs continue to make history!