Emily Palmieri: Class of 2019


Emily Palmieri

After graduating from Santaluces, Emily has become a successful FSU student. She was recently voted as the Vice President of the Seminole Tap Troupe, FSU’s tap team.

Alayna Reddick, Editor

Emily Palmieri is a Santaluces Class of 2019 graduate who has moved on to Florida State University, where she is studying political science with a minor in economics. 

“I was involved in the music academy and had full control over making whatever awful music my friends and I wanted. It gave us all something to look forward to and to show all our friends how awful our music was,” said Emily when asked about her favorite memory from Santaluces.

Emily was known for her fun and joking spirit around campus, something that was shown in her Sophomore year music academy work. Emily has taken this spirit with her to FSU, where she has joined the Seminole Tap Troupe.

“I was just elected Vice President of the Seminole Tap Troupe. I wanted to continue my love for tap post high school and was excited when I found the team,” said Emily on her involvement at FSU. 

Previously involved in dance for most of her life, it only seemed right for Emily to continue in her college career. The tap team allowed Emily to meet new friends and continue something she loved.

“My favorite part of FSU is the friends I’ve made. Everyone is so different; when you finally meet people you really click with it’s exciting because you know you’re going to be with them through it all and they will always be there for you, even when everything seems like it is going wrong,” said Emily.

Making friends has been a large part of what has made FSU so enjoyable for Emily. Whether she met her friends through her classes or the tap troupe, she enjoys the company in her new home.

“I plan on applying for graduate school up here, whether it be through business or public administration. The goal is to work for Disney, however it be that I get there,” said Emily on her plans for after FSU.

In high school, Emily chose to Early Admit her senior year. This has allowed her to graduate next Spring, despite only being at FSU for two years.