Hot Lunch Returns: The Best Foods To Eat

Chwoeger Charleston

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Chwoeger Charleston

Various items are now available with the return of hot lunch.

When campus reopened and students were back at the lunch line earlier this year, many were disappointed that only cold lunches were on the menu. But for the last few weeks, the hot lunch has been back. My friends and I sampled some of the choices and here is my list, ranked from least favorite to favorite. 

Here is a ranking of this week’s menu items ranked from my least favorite to my favorite:

4. Cheeseburger

The Cheeseburger makes a return.


The cheeseburger is the same one that has been available in the Beyond Burger line for years. It has never really been a favorite of mine or anyone I know so it ends up at the end of the list by default. The burger doesn’t taste bad and it doesn’t taste good, but when you’re hungry, it will do fine. 

3. Pepperoni Pinwheels

The Pepperoni Pinwheel has had mixed reviews among the Chiefs.

The Pepperoni Pinwheel is new to me so it is also low on my list of favorites. It is so unfamiliar that some kids didn’t even bother trying it.

“I don’t know what it is so I didn’t get it,” said Junior Oren Hentscheke.

I actually tried and  I can only describe it as an inverted pizza. It didn’t taste unpleasant but there were simply better things this week.

The fan-favorite Chicken Tenders.

 2.Chicken Tenders

The Chicken Tenders should be a familiar item to most Chiefs. It was no surprise that students enjoyed it since it was a variation of the popular spicy chicken sandwich from last year.

“I’ve been eating them since middle school so I really like them,” said Senior Nicolas Analora.

1.Chorizo and Chips

The Chorizo is now served with Doritos.

A popular item of the previous year’s Cafe Sol y Mar lines, and my personal favorite, the Chorizo and Chips were well received by Chiefs when it finally reappeared this year. It was given in a paper cup with the nacho cheese Doritos instead of the usual tortilla chips.

Senior Samuel McCoy was pleased the first time he tried it this year, “It’s my first time actually trying this and it’s really good,” says McCoy.