Advice For The Underclassmen

Azwad Ahmed, Editor

When it comes to high school, my first bit of advice is to enjoy every moment that you can. Whether you’re a bright-eyed freshman entering your first day of high school, or if you’re going into the next school year as a Senior. The years will go by so quickly. Within the blink of an eye, you’ll be at senior checkout wondering where all the time went. Be kind to your teachers, cause once you’re applying to college they will be the ones writing your letters of recommendation. Start the college process early, the earlier you get it done, the less you’ll be rushing to get it done during your senior year. Despite what many may think, senior year is not a stroll in the park, it’s more of a marathon, with the junior year being like a triathlon. Finish STRONG. Colleges will still look at your final semester’s grades and can take away your acceptance if your grades tank.  

To me, high school is a trip. I learned so much about myself and the person I’d like to be. When you look back to your freshman year, you’ll probably cringe, and trust me I cringe at my freshman self all the time. But it is important to mature, and as you move through high school, you’ll find that hobbies that interest you now may not interest you in 2 years. The people you’d thought you would be best friends with may not be your best friend in the next 4 years, high school is a time of change, so it’s okay to feel that your life is moving too fast.  

Work hard, and work smart. Challenge yourself by taking college-level courses. I highly recommend taking dual enrollment classes at Palm Beach State. Dual enrollment really does help prepare you for how college really will go. Challenge yourself by taking those AICE and AP classes but NEVER let your physical health or your mental health take a toll because of school. Join clubs and teams, make the most of your high school experience so that when you graduate, you’ll look back and be proud of yourself.