Signs Of Anxiety


Calm Clinic

Do you feel like this at any given time?

Shayna Baker, Staff Writer

In my last article, Understanding Anxiety, I talked briefly about anxiety. But, I’m going to go deeper into this article.

When it comes to anxiety, there are over a thousand different signs of it. Personally, overthinking is what I struggle with the most.

To some people, it may sound weird that overthinking could be that much of a hassle. Overthinking could be the reason why people are so tired.

For example, whenever someone tells you they’re going to tell you something tomorrow, and then you anticipate it for the rest of the day.

“What could they possibly tell me?”

“Why can’t they tell me today?”

“Is it a bad thing?”

“Is it a good thing?”

In other words, this can be called “excessive worrying.” The things you worry about can be very serious, but they can also be day-to-day things.

Some people may feel as if they’re going crazy because of the little voice in their head. It feels like you’re literally arguing with someone in your head about something or somebody.

You know that feeling when you’re in class and you’re hoping and hoping and hoping that the teacher doesn’t call on you. You become very worried and your heart starts to race.

Another sign that goes along with excessive worrying is not being able to concentrate. A study of 175 adults with generalized anxiety disorder found that almost 90% reported having difficulty concentrating. Your friend could be talking to you, and you think you’re listening, but you’re really just worrying and talking to yourself in your head.

If you see these types of signs, don’t ignore them. But, also don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed because anxiety is a worldwide problem that many struggle with.