Need Help Writing Your Resume?



Are you thinking of writing your resume now?

Leah Fleurinor, Staff Writer

I interviewed Ms. Harrell regarding resume building, and this is what she had to say.

Does guidance offer anything to prepare students to get jobs and how to write resumes?

Yes, the Santaluces High School counseling department is implementing the Scoir Program in order to help students for college and career planning.

What are the resources?


What are the steps for signing up for Scoir?

  • Request an appointment with a counselor
  • A counselor will send a Scoir invite
  • The counselor can assist student in filling out the information to create a resume

How can students contact you?

Through the appointment request form or email your school counselor.

Are there any clubs or organizations that are helping students?

Not directly, but the Key Club and National Honors Society are clubs that are willing to help out if asked.

Do you have a day where you talk to students who are interested in attending college about the 504 plans?

If the student is interest, they can contact the school counselor and have an individual meeting.

Do you have any outside resources that we can go to?