A Gift To You From Me

Marisia Aquino-Woods, Staff Writer

Hey, my loves.

Today, I wanted to touch on the subject of gift-giving. For you, my loves, I put together a quick list of many thoughtful ideas for those who love a little inside joke, or ones who love a more intimate symbol of your love for that person, or special memory shared.

Either way, I have some perfect ideas for you to use to your advantage.

First and foremost, this goes out to my lovebirds; if you’re looking for a gift that is in need of showing your love and appreciation towards your own love, this is the gift for you. For example, any kind of color rose would do you good (precisely his or her favorite color).

Now depending on how many pictures you own of yourself and your significant other, it’s the number of roses you shall need. Each represents how much time you have been with your partner or your undefining love for him or her, with each picture or moment shared between one another attached to each rose. Allowing him or her to see the love, appreciation, and thoughtfulness you put behind this gift.

As for another, which really goes out to all my gentlemen, I suggest any shoe store that you know that offers custom-fitted hats. Ladies, this will help you with this next idea I have for you. In other words, the date of your choosing, whether it be when you got together, a special memory shared, or even a hidden message. This goes to show not only do you cherish that person, but that day is a very important time in your life in which both of you found your person.

Now, as for many of your family members out there, one thing that you can never go wrong with is a self-portrait. One which captures the essence of everlasting love a family shares within. Although, it can be a pricey gift.

I do have another for those who want a more intimate but yet less expensive gift. All you will need is photographs of everyone in your family, which can be uploaded from your phone or camera to your computer, and you can then create a slideshow dedicated to every memory captured on camera that you and your family have shared.

Nothing’s better than cuddling up with one another, looking back, and laughing at each cherished memory captured.

So, as it comes to an end of my ideas for you guys, this one goes out to the ones who need a little support in finding a gift for their best friend. All you will need is a couple of boxes on which you can write anything, given the holiday experience.

For example, “Open only if you have watched The Grinch at least once today,” or “Open only after Santa has gotten his cookies,” or even just “Open if you slept past 9 and missed opening presents with your family.” Allowing you to throw in a little creativity within your gift as well as your holiday spirit, in which you can fill the boxes with whatever your heart desires.

Whether it may be his or her favorite stuffed animal, perfume scent, gift cards, pictures with one another, or simply just his or her favorite movies and snacks.

Though more so than not, I hope I gave some of you ideas in which you could hopefully use. Until next time, my loves.