Chicken Finger Crisis

Shayna Baker

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Stephen Buchanan

Picky eaters should be concerned about the possible extinction of chicken fingers in the United States.

Have you heard about the chicken finger shortage in the United States? Do you know how big of a problem this will be for picky eaters? Someone like me will be pretty upset at restaurants when they find out they can’t order chicken fingers.

Due to supply chain issues in 2021,  tenders as well as bacon, have reached a higher price than ever before. In the factory, chicken tenders require more processing and packaging compared to chicken nuggets. So not only are they going to be hard to find but they’ll be pretty expensive. Companies are even avoiding promoting chicken tenders so that they do not run out. 

A parent from Houston, Texas states, “If chicken tenders are not on the table, my kids aren’t going to be happy.”  I bet many parents around the US can relate! Even as a 16-year-old, chicken fingers are one of my favorite meals. For picky eaters, chicken fingers are always the go-to because you know you’ll like them unlike anything else.

Grocery stores like Walmart, Publix, and Winn-Dixie are all running low on chicken tenders. When you go to the frozen meat aisle, you will see fewer chicken fingers than chicken nuggets or anything else. 

How do you think the picky eaters community will react to this crisis? I suggest that everybody finds some good chicken finger recipes because you will no longer be able to buy them from stores. They taste fresher and are crunchier when they’re homemade.