Black History Month TikTok Event Stirs Controversy


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The event caused major backlash within the TikTok community.

Melissa Eugene, Club Member

In honor of Black History Month, TikTok decided to collaborate with a famous rapper, singer, and songwriter Nicki Minaj.

In hosting this virtual event via Zoom, it was dedicated towards BLACK creators in order for them to ask Minaj questions regarding black culture, her music, and things of that nature. 

However, a plethora of BLACK TikTok creators weren’t even invited to the event, and the ones that were invited weren’t able to get into the virtual space until 10 minutes after the event began. 

Some even claim that when they were eventually allowed into the event, the sight of BLACK creators was nowhere to be found and was filled with non-black creators filling up spaces. 

The TikTok event had a limited capacity of only 300 people, and the majority of those people were not black. 

One famous black TikTok creator, Niccoya, states that the event was dominated by non-black creators and felt entitled to take a seat that didn’t belong to them. She tweeted “I don’t know why I’m surprised non-Black creators felt entitled to steal a spot into the TikTok Black Creator Meetup with Nicki Minaj for Black History Month. It’s almost as if they steal our dances, trends, and content, [so] why would they stop at our invites?”

Niccoya made a TikTok expressing her frustration with the event, and even showed an email stating that the event was meant for BLACK TikTok creators. However, the TikTok team went to the media and stated that “The meetup was open to our collective community of creators. “This was intended to be an opportunity for fans to connect with Nicki in a unique setting to celebrate her new music.”

One TikToker, by the name of “bryanthediamond” on TikTok, with over 4 million followers claims that he was entitled to have a spot in the Nicki event solely because of that fact that some of his family members are black. In a TikTok, he says he “wasn’t aware that it was an event for people of color” when in the email, it was clearly for BLACK History Month. He then proceeds to say, “I’m Brazilian, and my grandmother, and my sister, and my stepfather are literally black.”


One TikToker who goes by “topherhehe” then catches Bryan in his own lie and says “you [Bryan] gave two different excuses. One saying I didn’t know, two saying you have black family, but if you didn’t know, what does it matter that you have black family because you weren’t there to fight for black people because you didn’t know it was for black people.”

Bryan kept referring to the event stating that it was for “people of color”, when it was for BLACK people. Nowhere in the email did it say, “People of Color History Month”

I find it quite astonishing that an event made for black creators was taken over by people who are NONBLACK. The fact that the Bryan had the audacity to say that just because his STEPFATHER (not his BIOLOGICAL father) is black, his sister is black, and all this other nonsense he said gives him the privilege to sit in an event knowing that he, himself is NOT BLACK is very baffling. Since when does someone being Brazilian classify you as being automatically black? 

Something in the bloodline had to go wrong because if your whole supposed family is black, and you’re not… Then I don’t know what to tell you. You’re simply just not black. There’s no justifying that. 

Maybe next time, let’s not try to justify why you deserve something simply because your family members are black.