The Dangers Of Illegal Car Meets


Jalisha Rowen

Car meets are dangerous and potentially life threatening.

Jalisha Rowen, Staff Writer

Every Saturday night at approximately 10:30 P.M., car meets are happening in our well-known areas of Palm Beach County, with hundreds of cars and dozens of spectators watching these cars do their stunts in empty parking lots. These stunts leave behind burned tire marks on the concrete, food wrappers thrown on the floor, and firework debris popped and scattered.

Car meets are primarily held in any empty store or grocery parking lots. The parking lots must have enough space to be able to go around in circles, commonly known as doughnuts. So, your local Walmart parking lot won’t make the cut.

Many things occur in these car meets such as drinking, smoking, racing, and car stunts. Car stunts can be quite eventful at the least, but can also be dangerous. A Doughnut is an example of a stunt any car can do and is performed when a person steps on the gas and breaks simultaneously while also turning the wheel to the left side, allowing the vehicle to go into a circular motion. This can seem like a not-so-dangerous stunt, but in reality, it is because, at any given time, the driver can lose grip of the wheel. Losing the grip of the wheel can lead to the car spiraling out of control.

Car meets are quite dangerous; none the least as people do ridiculous things such as sticking their bodies out the car window, lighting drug paraphernalia while a 2-step (car is able to spit out flames through the exhaust) is being performed, resulting in severe burns, and standing in the center of the lot while cars do doughnuts around them.

However, the real chaos happens when the police pull up. Since car meets are illegal in Florida, it would make sense that people wouldn’t want to get caught seeing as it can result in fines and arrest. People are so caught up in trying to leave the premises that they lose all focus of their surroundings. This causes many accidents to happen such as people getting hit by speeding cars, and in worse cases, fully getting run over.

Car meets are dangerous and should be taken more seriously by everyone.