Why Older Movies Are Better Than Newer Made Movies

Jalisha Rowen, Staff Writer

Why do people classify older movies as “better” when they’re…old?

Now, let’s be real for a second; whether some of us want to admit it or not, most everybody likes to watch an old-fashioned, meaningful, thought-through movie and older movies are just that.

The question that has been up for debate for a while is why are older movies considered better than the newer generational ones? Personally, I feel like the movies nowadays have no substance to them, no meaningful values, and no good storyline. Movies now only try to be funny which is good but not great, while old-school movies were always filled with life lessons, meanings, and emotions.

So now I’m going to explain the reasons I feel as though older movies are inevitably better than newer generational ones.

First off, the plots of newer movies are terrible compared to older movies. Movies such as “The Truman Show” have phenomenal twists and turns that leave the watcher waiting for more. If you aren’t familiar with “The Truman Show” it’s about an insurance salesman named Truman Burbank, who is played by the well-known Jim Carrey, who discovers the terrible truth of his life. Since birth, he has been recorded by a film crew who have made every single thing in his life possible including friends, family, and lovers. Eventually, he does find out at the end of the movie but through it, he goes on a crazy journey trying to figure it out.

That is a good plot. Who thinks of a movie about a man being recorded and filmed his entire life without him knowing and making him feel like everything is real? That is something. Not only does the movie have a plot, it has flavor and meaning.

There are many meanings and lessons that people learn from this movie some say, “When that false life is given up, when what everybody else wants from you and of you is given up, then you walk into everything. You become the everything. There are no limitations anymore.” According to Vanity Fair, others see it as, “The Truman Show is a film that carries themes of reality vs. representation, media manipulation technological anxiety, and even utopia vs. dystopia (Weir).” According to LinkedIn. So all and all, it’s all about perspective.

Everyone has their own perception of movies that they like, so what I like other people may not like. More examples of good movies that I would highly recommend watching for a good life lesson include “Remember The Titans”, “Forrest Gump,” “Bruce Almighty,” and “The Pursuit Of Happiness.”

Secondly, older movies were original. Over the years it has been the same plots over and over again, especially in action and horror films. Now the one thing I have been wondering is why make a remake of a movie over and over again if the movies are progressively getting worse until I did a little research.

According to Quora, “The Hollywood film industry is adverse to risk because movies are so expensive to make. Therefore, they make sequels to popular films for their guaranteed audience, and they make remakes due to the original film’s recognition value. This is less risky than making a completely original film.” So in the long run Hollywood just wants to make money because they know fans of original movies or shows will watch them and they will profit from it.

Lastly, the weak acting. Nowadays, the actors in movies are just trying to get a giggle from the audience while in older movies you can feel the emotion and passion oozing out of the T.V. Actors like Viola Davis do this so well time after time again. Such as in the movie “Fences,” she breaks down into snot and tears just for a role in a movie. That is dedication.

Another example is Spider-man, Spider-man is a fantastic movie, hands down, but all these remakes are getting bad. Now, no offense to Tom Holland and Zendaya, because they are great actors, but they only try to make people laugh, which is because of the directors but still it’s not the same as the original Spider-man, the original Peter Parker.

Older movies show a different perspective and viewpoint on the world and I feel like they should bring these life lessons back for the newer generations that need to learn.