Chief’s Football Preview


Adison Gonzalez

Varsity football Chief’s are eager to kick off the season.

Everyone remembers last year’s football season resembling that of the Dallas Cowboys. Good enough to just get your hopes up and, in the end, nothing comes of it. The Chiefs’ 2012 football season came to somewhat of a heartbreaking end when they ended one of their best seasons since 2009 and still failed to make the playoffs.

If you asked anyone last year if the Chiefs improved over the year they would’ve looked at you as if you asked them if the Jets could manage to make the playoffs this year. But this year, with the help of an easy schedule, the Chiefs actually do have a serious shot to finish what they started (and the Jets still won’t make the playoffs).

The Chiefs only play three teams that had an above .500 record last year. The lack of challenging games this year should fare well for the Chiefs who went 5-4 last season. Their opening game is set to take off on August 30th against Wellington which presents a perfect opportunity for the new starters to get used to the varsity limelight.

Senior Luis Martinez is set to make his first start as a varsity quarterback against Wellington. Last year, Sean Steele led the team to one of their best seasons, and now it’s up to Martinez to pick up where Steele left off. The biggest difference between Steele and Martinez is Martinez’s lack of experience.
“I’m excited,” said Martinez, “I’ve waited four years to start, and now I finally have an opportunity.”

This year, the Chiefs are going to have to rely heavily on the pass game after the departure of Hawaii running back Diocemy St. Juste.
“We can’t [replace Diocemy],” said head Coach Drinkwater. “He’s irreplaceable. We’re more of a throwing team now.”

One major advantage Luis has over Steele is his athleticism. He seemed very confident on his feet during practices and he might need to carry that confidence into the year due to a banged-up offensive line. However, Luis has noted that he’s going to try not to rely too heavily on his feet.
“Luis is more athletic,” said Drinkwater, “I like his athleticism more than Steele’s experience.”

The biggest problem the team had last year, a poor offensive line, may have taken another blow. Senior prospect, Donald Kenniston, among many others, is out with injuries. Kenniston is set to return in time for the first game of the season, but without any practices, he may not be in game shape by game day. That, along with an inexperienced line, can pose problems for a team so focused on airing it out.
“We’re always concerned,” said Drinkwater, “we need to keep Luis healthy, and whether we’re good or bad, the offensive line will always be a concern.”

Not everything changed since last year. The Chiefs defense still seems to be their best asset. However a more explosive offense this year may mean a world of difference. The defense that struggled to keep the team afloat may have the answer they’re looking for in Luis Martinez. But with his lack of experience, he’ll have to prove himself in the season opener at Wellington.