Chief’s Soccer Is Back

Ana Lara-Cruz, Staff Writer

Soccer season is making its way back onto the Santaluces field. About 50 boys gathered on Monday for try-outs for a chance to join the junior varsity or the varsity boys soccer team.

Over the years, Santaluces has had a hard time trying to get a decent amount of wins. This year, the coaches hope to at least win three games and if that can be achieved, it would be beat last years’s record.

Coach Lefty attended Santaluces three years ago and has returned to help both junior varsity and varsity.

“I came back to bring change this season,” said Coach Lefty. “I want to change the lives of these boys and be a brother figure to them.”

“Coach Lefty is a really cool guy,” said David Gonzalez, a senior. “But he also pushes us to reach our full potential.”

As teams are being formed, Coach Lefty hopes to raise the commitment level of the team and help them meet a higher standard by inspiring them to be more dedicated and determined to leave a mark this season.

“The commitment level is there,” said Lefty. “But never as high as we’re looking at it this season.”

Overall, this year’s soccer season is getting off to a good start. Hopefully, when the teams are picked, the santaluces soccer team will be able to redeem themselves from last year’s season.

“Theres a a lot of talent here today, each one of them has a special quality to them,” said Lefty. “Together as a team, we’ll be able to redeem ourselves”.