The Tide’s Newest Track Recruit: Stacey Destin


Stanley Alexis and Alan McGonigle

Track and Field star Stacey Destin took the next step in her career and committed to the University of Alabama this week. Typical signings are usually held in the principal’s office, but for this signing, Destin made her choice in the gym in front of Coach Padgett’s 4th period PE class.

“I’m just so happy for Stacey. It took her to the last minute to decide where she’s going but she’ll have a nice home at Alabama because that’s where she wanted to go,” said Track Coach T. “We’re just so proud and we love her so much.”

During the ceremony, Principal Robinson, Coach Padgett and Destin’s godfather and mother praised Destin for her commitment to Track and Field. In her usual shy manner, Destin smiled and accepted all the praise from everyone.

“I’m very happy and proud,” said Destin’s mother. “I want her to move forward, get a good education and be future Olympian.”

On the table, Stacey’s top three schools were: The University of Florida, Florida State University, and The University of Alabama. All the anticipation that was built up ended when Destin fulfilled her dream by committing to The University of Alabama. Destin will compete for Alabama and will represent them at a national level.

“I’m very proud of myself and it means I have greater challenges going forward and I just have to prepare for them,” said Destin. “I want to thank everyone who supported me throughout my whole years of track.”

College recruiters from around the country courted Destin and all said she would soon be ready to compete at the Olympic level.

“I’m trying out for the Junior Olympics,” said Destin. “I have to wait another four years because the Olympic trials are this year but I’m training and I do plan on being an Olympian in the future.”