Athlete Profile: Victoria Konsavage

Matthew Leto, Sports Editor

Height: 5’5

Sport: Swimming and JV Flag Football

Position/Events: 100m Butterfly and Starting quarterback

College Intrest: Florida State University

Best Accomplishment: 9th out of 27 in districts.

“I have been swimming for over 12 years now. I usually win every small high school meet in swimming. I originally began swimming because I watched Michael Phelps completely dominate every event he swam. I admire Phelps because, despite his flaws, he has an extremely good work ethic and shows everyone that hard work pays off. This year was the first year I participated in Flag Football. I started most of the games on JV at quarterback and it was really exciting. I definitely will try out again this upcoming season. Hopefully my hard work will land me on the varsity team.”