Water Polo Chiefs Dominate Against Dwyer


Savannah Devericks, Staff Writer

The girls water polo team came out on top against Dwyer this week. It was a very close game with both teams going back and forth scoring goals. In the end, the Chiefs conquered and won 7-5. This was truly a victory for the girls water polo team, since this is the first year that the sport has been offered at the school in years.

Senior Anastasia Gonzales and Freshman Emily Black both scored 2 goals for the Chiefs. Junior Sharon Ferrer, Senior Haley Hinkofer, and Freshman Tyler Lasky all helped bring the Chiefs to success.

“I just remember the 4th quarter whistle blowing and the team erupting in tears, laughter, and overall happiness,” said freshman Alayna Reddick.

The girls water polo team will compete in their last game today at Lake Worth High School at 4 pm.