Coach Coe’s Opening Drive

Neiko Megrichian, Sports Editor

Coach Brian Coe has been hired to take over as the new head coach of Chiefs Football, however it’s no secret that the mission will be all but a stroll into the end zone. In fact, coming off of an 0-10 season (5-25 the past three seasons), it seems to be more of a Hail Mary attempt.

Still, the former coach for John I Leonard, Summit Christian, and Seminole Ridge, remains confident in the upcoming 2017 season.

“Well the good thing is: we’re getting better,” said Coe.

The 2017 roster is notably young and inexperienced.

“We have so far to go to compete at the 8A football level, but our guys are getting better,” said Coe. “Right now we have four guys on the team that actually played varsity football last year, so out of 38 guys, 34 of them are brand new to varsity football.”

This year’s squad looks to have quite attainable, yet necessary goals for the new season.

“Our goal is to get better each week,” said Coe. “By the time we get to district play, be able to be competitive.”

Friday night’s game resulted in a Chiefs loss (0-43). Fortunately, the competition against the Seminole Ridge Hawks was just a preseason matchup.

Coach Coe won’t disclose any bold predictions about the Chiefs football squad, however he does acknowledge the small, yet definite progress that his team continues to make with every snap of the ball.