Honorable Start to Softball

Ethan Mansdorf, Photo Editor

This week marked the start of Chiefs Varsity Softball season in a blow out home opener against the Lake Worth High squad.

With a score of 19-0, the Chiefs took home a major dub following losses against John I and Boca Raton. Having scored 8 of their points in the first inning alone, followed by 6 more in the second, the game was a clear-cut win from the first pitch.

But this game marked more than just a great win, it marked the growth of the Santaluces Criminal Justice Academy Honor Gaurd. Cadets from the Honor Gaurd came out to open the game with the presentation of colors with the National Anthem and to lead the crowd in a moment of silence for the tragedy of February 14th at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

“I feel the involvement of the Honor Gaurd in school sports is great because it shows respect to our countries flag and anthem,” said Cadet Lieutenant Anthony Ramanouth, of the Honor Gaurd. “It adds some patriotism to the events.”

The softball team is also optimistic for a successful season and enjoy having the Honor Gaurd at games.

“We have a new coach, new softball sisters, and I feel like this season will be a good one. We all grow together as a team and learn from one another,” said player Mackenzie Alexis Strickland. “Having the Honor Gaurd at our games is really cool. Watching them march out onto the field gets me excited and it’s a great way to get my blood flowing and heart pumping!”

All in all, it was a high scoring affair that meant a little more than just an ordinary game. The Criminal Justice Academy hopes to have more involvement with the school’s athletics as the Honor Guard team develops and according to Instructor Officer White, would eventually like to have a presence in all of the schools sporting events.

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