Softball vs. PBSO

Jordan Foldy , Staff Writer

The varsity softball team’s second annual game playing the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office deputies ended with the deputies scoring 20 runs to the Chiefs 12. Each year at the end of the season one of the last games is played against PBSO.  The game is played to benefit homeless students.  To watch the game, spectators paid $2 or donated socks and shoes for the fundraiser. Last year when the girls played, they won, but this year the deputies wanted revenge.

The team motto to win this game was said by Junior Aly Cooley: ” A teamwork makes a dream work!”

PBSO started off strong off bombing the balls into the outfield. Chiefs pitching started off well with Junior Alycia Celia’s mom fast pitching to the deputies.

During the bottom of the 1st inning they slow pitched to the Chiefs causing them to hit pop ups right to their gloves, and getting three outs fast. After a couple of  innings the Chiefs switched their pitcher and catcher to regular pitcher Aaliyah Cecilio, a Sophomore, who made the other team anxious and nervous due to her speed. The Chiefs catcher switched to the Coach’s daughter who attends Atlantic. The Chiefs were down four players.  First time catcher Aly Cooley played half an inning for the other team because the deputies didn’t have a catcher with the right gear.

After a few innings the Chiefs decided to switch the pitcher back to slow pitch and they hit better.  The Chiefs played nine innings and the score stayed the same for the last three innings. Their final score was 20 and the Chiefs were unable to catch up.

The game had a great turn out, as many students from the criminal justice academy came to support the sheriff’s department. The criminal justice program had more than 150 shoes donated and just as many socks.