College Football: The Brawl for a Playoff Spot Begins


Ethan Jayne, Staff Writer

Gator chomps, war chants, and the return of the turnover chain. College football is officially here.

This upcoming weekend marks the official start of the college football season. Many colleges are playing to prove themselves week one, hoping to secure a spot in the college football playoff at the end of the season.

Some of the big games this weekend include big rivalries, such as #14 Michigan at #12 Notre Dame, a high tension game that will determine which team has a shot in the top ten early in the season.

On top of rivalry games this weekend, the top Florida teams are trying to prove themselves to secure their spots in the AP top 25 poll.

Teams such a Florida State, who had a 7 win season last year, and Miami, who had a continuous winning streak for most of the season, both have to face top 25 opponents to start the season. 

All of the 129 football teams are looking “in” to secure that valuable spot in the college football playoff by the end of the season.


Notable Game Schedule for Week 1


Notable Games   

    : #6 Washington vs. #9 Auburn | Saturday at 3:30 PM

    : #12 Notre Dame vs. #14 Michigan | Saturday at 7:30 PM



Florida Games   

    : #21 UCF @ UCONN                                     | Thursday at 7:00 PM

    : FAU @ #7 Oklahoma                                   | Saturday at 12 PM

    : Elon @ South Florida                                  | Saturday at 6 PM

    : Indiana @ FIU                                              | Saturday at 7 PM

    : Charleston Southern @ UF                        | Saturday at 7:30 PM

    : #8 Miami @ #25 LSU                                 | Sunday at 7:30 PM

    : #19 Florida State vs. #20 Virginia Tech  | Monday at 8 PM