Tribe Talks: On The Game Selects March Madness Winners


On The Game

On The Game’s March Madness Bracket

Kevin Fielder, Staff Writer

March Madness, the popular college basketball tournament, is picking up steam. After two rounds of thrilling games, heartbreaking ends and most importantly, upsets, the field is down from 68 teams to 16. With the games becoming that much more important, the members of ‘Tribe Talks: On The Game” decided to finish off their own bracket, picking from the Sweet Sixteen all the way to the Final Four and of course, the National Champion, who will be crowned on April 8 in Minnesota. Below are their picks:

Sweet Sixteen: 


(1) Duke over (4) Virginia Tech

(2) Michigan State over (3) LSU


(1) Gonzaga over (4) Florida State

(2) Michigan over (3) Texas Tech


(12) Oregon over (1) Virginia

(3) Purdue over (2) Tennessee


(1) North Carolina over (5) Auburn

(2) Kentucky over (3) Houston

Elite Eight:


(2) Michigan State over (1) Duke


(1) Gonzaga over (2) Michigan


(3) Purdue over (12) Oregon


(1) North Carolina over (2) Kentucky

Final Four:

(2) Michigan State over (1) Gonzaga

(1) North Carolina over (3) Purdue

National Championship:

Kevin: (2) Michigan State over (1) North Carolina

Ethan: (2) Michigan State over (1) North Carolina

Madison: (1) North Carolina over (2) Michigan State

To hear their rationale about any of their picks or Kevin try to get over UCF’s last second shot against Duke that hung on the rim before falling short, check out the latest “Tribe Talks: On The Game”, which will be released later this week on The Tribe.