Virtual NFL Draft 2020- Winners and Losers


Rudolph Civil, Staff Writer

The NFL draft took place at the end of April. The draft takes three day because 224 players are drafted. In this draft, the biggest winners according to NFL analysts at CBS are the Bengals, Giants, Ravens, Cowboys, and the Browns. 

The Bengals drafted the best quarterback in the draft: Joe Burrow from LSU. His last season at LSU, he won the Heisman and the NCAA National Championship. Also, the Bengals drafted receiver Tee Higgins and Linebacker Logan Wilson, top prospects in the later rounds of the draft. 

The Giants strengthened their offensive line with two top tackles in the draft, Andrew Thomas and Matt Peart. With this improvement to the offensive line, Giants Quarterback Daniel Jones will have more time in the pocket to release the ball. Also, this might be a big improvement for their running game, Saquon Barkley should have a better time to get more yards per run. 

The Ravens drafted different types and caliber players this draft. Last season, Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson was given MVP and led the Ravens to the playoff with a record of 14-2. This draft purpose was to fill in the pieces they were missing.

The Cowboys who have had a terrible season last year stepped up in this draft and drafted the best wide receiver in this draft Ceedee Lamb. With this pick, Dak Prescott will have a right hand man to throw the ball to if he plays for the cowboys next season. The Cowboys also stepped up their defense by drafting Cornerback Trevon Diggs, Vikings Stefon Diggs’ Brother. Also, they added a top end defensive tackle, Neville Gallimore. 

The Browns stepped up their game this season by drafting the best offensive tackle in the draft to protect their star quarterback Baker Mayfield. They also drafted high school five star recruit Jordan Elliott, Elliot was the best defensive tackle in his high school class. 

In this draft, the biggest losers were the Packers, Patriots, and the Seahawks.

The Packers made the worst mistake of the night by drafting a first round quarterback Jordan Love. The Packers have arguably one of the best Quarterbacks in the NFL, but with this pick, it’s like they’re betraying Rogers. A quarterback’s confidence relies on his offensive line, staff and coaches. With this pick, many can say that Packers staff has betrayed him and made a big hole in this confidence. With Rogers being 36 years old, a young quarterback like Love threatens his spot on the team. 

The Patriots have been losing since they lost in the playoffs. Then, Tom Brady left the team and signed with the Tampa Buccaneers. Then, the Patriots traded arguably the best Tight end in the NFL Gronkowski, after he came out of a year of retirement. In the draft, the Patriots did not draft a quarterback to fill in their gap. They just lost arguably the best quarterback that ever played the game, but in the draft, they did not try to fill in that gap. While some may say the pressure of filling the shoes of Tom Brady is too much for a young quarterback.

The Seahawks lost big this draft, the players that they were aiming for to fill in gaps on their team left the board earlier than they expected. The players that the Seahawks drafted were not what the fans expected. 


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